Our Mission

  • Every parent from the moment of birth of his child seeks to give him only the best. But not only care and love make the baby happy. At an early stage of growing up, he also needs some knowledge that he can get from the society.


  • Kindergarten is an important step in the life of every child, and further success depends on how well the kindergarten is selected.

  • In our kindergarten, Cambridge Kids has everything for a comfortable learning of children. English-speaking environment and experienced teachers will help them not only to get the necessary knowledge for entering the school, but also provide personal and spiritual development.

  • The mission of our kindergarten is to create all the necessary conditions for revealing the potential and individuality of the child, the formation of the personality in him and his all-round development, so that tomorrow he can confidently step into his great future.

  • We are confident: every child is a potential genius, so our main task is to help him discover and develop his talents.

  • Together with us your child will grow smart, independent and healthy!