If there are children of different ages in one group, won’t the older offend the younger?


The group resembles a big happy family. In its composition, it must be of different ages: the elders take care of the younger ones; the younger ones learn from the elders and, growing up, start taking care of others themselves.

What are the requirements for the staff? How do you select employees?
Why such a large garden is designed for such a small number of children? Will the number of children in the group increase after the opening?
If my child does not have all the vaccinations, he will be able to visit the kindergarten?
If my child is sick, can I bring him to a kindergarten?
The contract for the full-time group's annual stay includes the included medical support. What does it include?
How will the children eat in kindergarten? If my child is allergic, will this be taken into account in his nutrition?