Rules for parents

 Dear parents, we kindly draw your attention to 

the following important rules that should be observed in our kindergarten:


  • Bringing the child after the beginning of classes or meals, please dress them up and wait with them in the locker room until the next break.
  • Remove sharp, cutting and stabbing objects from your child's pocket.
  • Chewing gums are not allowed in the kindergarten.
  • It is not recommended for children to bring toys from home.
  • You are free to approach our teachers anytime concerning any questions. They are always available to listen to you. Ms. Ainagul, Ms. Anara and Mr. Daniel are in charge of dealing with any urgent issues.
  • Controversial and conflict situations are resolved only in the absence of children.
  • Please note that it is not recommended to bring a sick child to the kindergarten. If your child is sick and does not visit the kindergarten for more than three days, you need to provide a medical certificate. Or Please contact our office.
  • If, for any reason, you could not solve a problem with the teachers of the group, please contact the methodologist or the director immediately.
  • Remember, you can ask for advice and personal assistance in the kindergarten on all questions you are interested in regarding the upbringing of your child.
  • Bring the children neatly dressed and in comfortable clothing for them. Weather changes constantly and can be very unpredictable. Dressing appropriately is very important. Kids need to be prepared for different weather at all times so they get “caught out in the cold” 
  • Only those people listed in the contract as accompanying persons should bring and take the child.
  • Solve all controversial issues in a calm and businesslike environment, indicating the causes of the dispute and involving the administration


Strictly forbidden:

  • Teachers are not allowed to give children to people in a state of intoxication and children of primary school age.
  • Release children at the request of parents without warning.


Duties of parents:


  • It is recommended to pay a fee for keeping the child in kindergarten on schedule.
  • We strongly advise you to keep your children home from kindergarten if they are sick.



If you have additional questions for teachers, you can ask them in the morning before 9:00 and in the evening after 17:00