Cambridge YLE

Cambridge YLE: a big step towards the successful future of your child


The comprehensive development of the child as a person is always very valuable. And if this happens in a linguistic environment, it is double valued. Studying languages from an early age has big advantage when children are enrolled in a school, and then to the university.


If you dream that your child will master the knowledge of the English language and at the same time they will be able to show their abilities in the future, try our best program from Cambridge University Press at our Kindergarten. At the end of the academic year, each child receives an international certificate of Cambridge YLE.


Cambridge English Language exams for young children Cambridge English Young Learners are a series of exams designed in an entertaining form that stimulate children's interest in further learning English. Three exams with interesting tasks in the game form (drawing, coloring, oral communication) correspond to three levels of complexity: Starters, Movers, Flyers. These exams determine the level of English language proficiency in accordance with international standards.


Each child who passes the exam receives a certificate that attests to the child's personal achievements and shows his abilities in mastering a foreign language. Preparation for exams increases the child's interest in learning the subject, and lays the foundation for further improvement in the language of international communication.


Cambridge exams are recognized all over the world, they are an accurate measure of not only the successes of a particular child, but also the educational institution as a whole.

To prepare for the exams, My Little Island and Fun for Starters series are used. 


My Little Island is a three-level course for children 3-5 years old, which enables children to reach the level of the Starters of the CYLET exam (Cambridge Young Learners English Tests).



The course is based on the following principles:


  • The relevant age characteristics and interests of children serve as the basis for selecting the material of each of the three levels;
  • Children learn better the material if they are actively involved in the learning process;
  • The QMS takes into account personality characteristics, interests and different learning styles in such a way that each child can successfully master this program;
  • The success of the training is facilitated by the dosed delivery of the material, as well as its careful consolidation and repetition.


The goal of the QMS is to teach children to communicate in English by


Development of all four skills (background reading / reading, prewriting / writing, listening and speaking). So, children start by listening to stories and viewing pictures, and goes to that level when they read simple texts under pictures. Or, starting with simple lines, they move on to what is encircled in letters in words. The development of listening and speaking, which are key skills at this age, is given constant attention with increasing complexity by the end of the course.


The course is based on the TPR (total physical response) technique. Association of gestures and movements with vocabulary and grammar supports and develops motivation for learning, helps children to successfully master the material, which in turn gives them confidence in their abilities.


My Little Island prepares children for life in the technological global world of the 21st century not only by teaching them English and digital literacy, but also by developing


Benefits of the YLE exam:


  • Complete adaptation of the task taking into account child psychology;
  •  Early acquaintance with the format of international examinations;
  •  Obtaining a certificate with the expertise of Cambridge University in the UK.


What the YLE certificate gives:


  • The first document of international importance, confirming the level of English;
  • Qualitative assessment of their own knowledge;
  • Motivation for the child to continue learning English;
  • An excellent opportunity for parents to check the results of the child's education with the help of an independent examination of a world-renowned university.