This week was “International Women’s Day” celebrations!

The Spring theme of the week has had the groups talk about the weather, seasons, spring changes, insects, and other creatures that come out of hibernation for Spring.

We have played some fun games, read some short stories (The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and others), and practiced our motor skills with some scissor work and pencil control.

The 8th March mini concert also took place, with the groups singing songs, dancing, reciting poetry, and playing games all in celebration of the wonderful women in their lives!

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  • Seasons
  • Weather
  • Insects
  • Animals


Each bullet point has no fewer than 5 sub categories.



Over the next few weeks, Preschool will be preparing for their upcoming YLE exams. The children will be doing a mix of Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking exercises to get ready. We encourage you to support them by exposing them to online resources found here:

Final Note


Spending time with your children at home and asking about their day is not only a great way to bond, but a valuable educational step. Cameras in the class rooms may allow you to see what happens, but a child’s perception is considerably different.


Spend a part of your day conversing with them about what they have done, how they felt, and what they would have liked to do and it may surprise you!