New Additions to the Curriculum

After all of the winter’s celebrations, back to school has been a little hard on some of the children. It is normal for such a reaction, and the children have been great at overcoming their hesitance and getting back into the swing of things.


Now that the children have been with their teachers for a few months, learning their letters, numbers, shapes, colours, and basic school phrases, we are going to step it up a notch. From the week of the 21st January, all groups will be starting a more topic themed curriculum, designed to get them speaking and actively responding. The usual topics of Animals, Feelings, People, Places, etc. will be reviewed by all classes in a fun yet educational manner. The older groups will not only review the aforementioned, but will go on to learn about “Can” for ability, “Question Words”, and other more complex structures in the hope that they gain more confidence in speaking. Preschool will also do this but, as the oldest group, we will be asking a little more from them in each topic.


Some other additions to our programme will be regular (fun) homework for all groups, excluding Shining Stars. Said work will not be compulsory, but it should be encouraged. Homework is not only good for a little extra practice, but it is a great opportunity to help your child while encouraging them to talk about their day and to try out their English.


Once again, thank you for your support with our teaching practices, and we wish you and your children a very happy and prosperous New Year!



Rhys Williams

Academic Director