Friday News 23.11.18


Welcome to the new English Weekly Newsletter!


Highlighting their activities, and giving a brief explanation on how this helps your child develop, we hope that you will be able to understand a little more about the academic processes involved in the children learning English as a Second Language (ESL).

Shining Stars

The youngest group are growing in confidence daily, and their efforts during class time, and during their free time is a pleasure to see. They have all opened up to be seen as lovely individuals who now have the desire to communicate and interact more with their classmates and teachers. While learning their letter of the week, it was great to see them confidently moving about, talking to one another, and even trying out their very basic English with their teachers.

Well done Shining Stars!

Happy Faces

Paper chains, Octopuses, Owls, Cats, and other motor skills activities were done throughout this crafty week. We wanted the group to start taking more pride in their creations, and having them displayed in the classroom, lockers, play room, or letting them play with the crafts, really helps to instill that sense of pride. The lesson of the week is to take your time to do something that you will be happy with, rather than rush, and not feel satisfied with the final product. The majority of the group responded positively to their tasks, ironically asking for more time to be able to complete their works to their own personal standard.

Cherry Smiles


As the winter (Christmas & New Year) holidays approach, Mr. Ricky has been getting the children in the spirit with stories about Santa and his helpers. The children were also tasked with making some of their own decorations for the holidays such as gingerbread men, fir trees, snowmen, and others. The group also learnt the letters O and C, with a variety of games and associated activities to support their learning.



Also a very craft- oriented week. The Preschool group’s motor skills are of a high standard and they were put to good use in helping to decorate their classroom. Paper chains, snowflakes, fir tree, and their own paintings adorn their workspace. It is a pleasure to see children do their own thing, and we would rather see an “imperfect” creation that has been done by a child, than a piece that was obviously done by a teacher on their behalf.

The group also looked into Christmas, and the fictional figures (Santa, Elves, etc.) that are commonly associated with the holiday.

Final Note

A kindergartener’s life is one of daily discovery and experimentation. However, the results of their day can often be messy. This is normal and it is impossible to avoid spillages, paint marks, and other materials from sullying their clothes.

Some concerns have been voiced, regarding a child’s clothes being muddied outside, or for having some paint on their clothes. Cambridge Kids does not want to limit a child from partaking in activities due to clothes being “too expensive”, or “of a brand name”. If you do not want your child to paint (because they may get a bit messy), it is not fair to them, the same with being outside.

Please consider the clothes you have your child wear when at the kindergarten, as we will allow them to partake in messy activities, regardless of their “fashion”.