Friday news27.09.19

Shining Stars

Being so young, repetition of topics is quite important for the group. Every day they spend the first few minutes of their lessons reminding themselves of the previous week’s topics, as well as being reminded of what they are about to do on the day. This week, the letter P has been the letter of the week with the children playing some kinaesthetic games to improve recognition and using a mixture of play doh, pencils, and paints to form the letter shape. Some 2D shapes have also been looked at. Square, Circle, and Triangle were the shapes of the week.

As usual, the class “sang” a good morning song, watched a short animated video about their letter, and the shapes of the week.


Cherry Smiles

The children have done a variety of activities to help reinforce their learning this week. Some pencil control exercises, colouring, and play doh activities have been used to get the children more comfortable using their hands for smaller motor functions, with the goal being that they will become stronger and more adept at writing in the future


Happy Faces

This week we focused on the letter I as well as learning some basic body parts following the “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” song. The children used their bodies to move along to the song whilst chanting which body part they were touching. Flashcards of these body parts were used in a memory game, and photos of each child were given to the group to label accordingly. Labeling one another proved to be a fun task, and the children enjoyed their results.

The group also exercised their artistic flair by making a few phonic themed art projects



School supplies and Family have been the themes for Preschool. Being older and more experienced, they were given more vocabulary and were asked to draw their own “monster” with a varying number of features. They were asked to present their monsters to the class (in English, of course), and describe their work. Review of the previous work was also conducted.


Final Note


Please do not give your children sweets, candy, chewing gum, or any other sugary foodstuffs to bring to the kindergarten.

At school it is important that children are aware of healthy eating habits, as well as learning to make their own choices. By giving your child sweets to take to school it undermines our goals, as well as not being a good thing to have first thing in the morning.



At Cambridge Kids, we love to see the children be active and explore their environment hands-on. Children are naturally curious and it is very important to encourage that curiosity. As a result, they may get a little mucky and their clothes could get a little dirty.

Please ensure that your child has a spare change of clothes for school, as well as not dressing them in anything that you would not wish them to get a little messy.