Friday News 30.11.18

Welcome to the new English Weekly Newsletter!

Highlighting their activities, and giving a brief explanation on how this helps your child develop, we hope that you will be able to understand a little more about the academic processes involved in the children learning English as a Second Language (ESL).

Shining Stars


All about the fine motor skills this week, as well as the lead up to everybody’s favourite, Christmas! In the lead up to this special day, the group have been doing a variety of Christmas themed work and crafts. Singing songs and dancing freely have been the highlight for the kids, who enjoy the audio-visual aspect of these activities. The group have also been using their fingers to learn their shapes and colours, identifying them through classroom objects, and outdoor observations.

Happy Faces


Another very craft-oriented week, the group also made Christmas trees and other festive decorations. An abridged version of the 80’s classic animated “The Snowman” was also looked at and discussed. Although there is no dialogue in this film, the children were great with interpreting what the characters were thinking/doing. This kind of exercise is great for critical thinking and will be explored further in future lessons.

Cherry Smiles

As Christmas is a big deal in the UK, the group has stuck with the letter C to produce more crafts and do activities around the Christmas theme. Christmas Cards, Gingerbread people, and other themed crafts helped the children to tune their motor skills, while also learning of some holiday traditions. The group is also actively singing and moving to their winter song playlist, singing along to some classic Christmas tunes.


Play-Doh, paints, pencils, pipe-cleaners, lollipop sticks, glue, tack, tape, and whatever else the children could get their hands on was the inspiration for the week. With new supplies coming in, we thought the group could pick and choose their own materials, and crate whatever they could imagine with their supplies. Throughout their work, their teachers would talk with them, asking them questions and eliciting responses. This freedom of choice, and expression, opens up their minds to explore multiple possibilities, as well as being great for critical thinking.

Final Note


Spending time with your children at home and asking about their day is not only a great way to bond, but a valuable educational step. Cameras in the class rooms may allow you to see what happens, but a child’s perception is considerably different.


Spend a part of your day conversing with them about what they have done, how they felt, and what they would have liked to do and it may surprise you!