Friday News 14.12.18

Welcome to the new English Weekly Newsletter!

Highlighting their activities, and giving a brief explanation on how this helps your child develop, we hope that you will be able to understand a little more about the academic processes involved in the children learning English as a Second Language (ESL).


Shining Stars


Shapes and colours this week. The kids have had fun doing TPR (Total Physical Response) games related to their shapes and colours theme and participate well. This week has also seen a couple of new additions to the group, and it has been a pleasure to see them interact with one another.


Happy Faces


The same letter of the week as Cherry Smiles, but with the added theme of farm animals. As this group is older, and surer of themselves, Mr Rhys will start to introduce weekly themes ranging from Farm Animals, to Outer Space. It is hoped that their basic knowledge of letters and some vocabulary will be put into more practice and help the children with their confidence in attempting to use English as they move into the themed weeks.


Cherry Smiles


Umbrellas, Unicorns, and Ukuleles were all part of their letter of the week learning. The group have watched some short videos on various U words, and have also participated in craft making to decorate their classroom and to try to drive home the letter of the week. The Christmas theme persists with the class practicing some traditional English Christmas songs, and using their bodies to move to the music.




Singing, dancing, and role-play had the group practicing Christmas songs, moving to music, and pretending to be different professions. A doctor, a nurse, and a hairdresser were just a few of the games that were played with the children to get them excited about new vocabulary. As usual, a bunch of crafts were made and, although given a brief, the group are always allowed to interpret instructions in the way they feel comfortable. Some kids enjoy adding more detail to a project, for example, while others wish to keep it simple but very neat and tidy. Either way, it is fantastic to see their own form of expression.


Final Note


Spending time with your children at home and asking about their day is not only a great way to bond, but a valuable educational step. Cameras in the class rooms may allow you to see what happens, but a child’s perception is considerably different.


Spend a part of your day conversing with them about what they have done, how they felt, and what they would have liked to do and it may surprise you!