Friday news 12.04.19

That’s one small step for a Man, one giant leap for Cambridge Kids!


Star Date – 12.04.2019


 Space, the final frontier. This week has been all about making first contact with the great unknown, exploring our solar system and the planets that make it up. The force was strong this week as the children played numerous games orbiting the theme. “Hunt for the Meteorites”, “Hot Comet”, “Black Hole”, and a variety of other TPR games were played to get the children interested in the theme while having a blast at the same time.

The younger children explored colours in more detail, and built their very own rocket ships. The older groups learnt about the planets and their place in the solar system, as well as conversing about their properties and their makeup. Fine and General motor skills were all practiced, with some handwriting, play doh, and scissor work alongside the kinaesthetic games.


All in all, a great week!


Live long and prosper!